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77051 Computer-aided detection (computer algorithm analysis of digital image data for lesion detection) with further review for interpretation, with or without digitization of film radiographic images; diagnostic mammography (List separately in addition to primary procedure)
(Use 77051 in conjunction with 77055, 77056)

77052 screening mammography (List separately in addition to primary procedure)  (Use 77052 in conjunction with 77057)

77053 Mammary ductogram or galactogram, single duct, radiological supervision and interpretation

77054 Mammary ductogram or galactogram, multiple ducts, radiological supervision and interpretation

77055 Mammography; unilateral

77056 bilateral

77057 Screening mammography, bilateral (2-view film study of each breast)

77058 Magnetic resonance imaging, breast, without and/or with contrast material(s); unilateral

77059 bilateral

G0202 Screening mammography, producing direct digital image, bilateral, all views

G0204 Diagnostic mammography, producing direct 2-d digital image, bilateral, all views

G0206 Diagnostic mammography, producing direct 2-d digital image, unilateral, all views


77071 Manual application of stress performed by physician or other qualified health care professional for joint radiography, including contralateral joint if indicated

77072 Bone age studies

77073 Bone length studies (orthoroentgenogram, scanogram)

77074 Radiologic examination, osseous survey; limited (eg, for metastases)

77075 complete (axial and appendicular skeleton)

77076 Radiologic examination, osseous survey, infant

77077 Joint survey, single view, 2 or more joints (specify)

77078 Computed tomography, bone mineral density study, 1 or more sites; axial skeleton (eg, hips, pelvis, spine)

77080 Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), bone density study, 1 or more sites; axial skeleton (eg, hips, pelvis, spine)

77081 appendicular skeleton (peripheral) (eg, radius, wrist, heel)

77084 Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, bone marrow blood supply


Listings for Radiation Oncology provide for teletherapy and brachytherapy to include initial consultation, clinical treatment planning, simulation, medical radiation physics, dosimetry, treatment devices, special services, and clinical treatment management procedures. They include normal follow-up care during course of treatment and for three months following its completion.

For treatment by injectable or ingestible isotopes, see subsection Nuclear Medicine.


Preliminary consultation, evaluation of patient prior to decision to treat, or full medical care (in addition to treatment management) when provided by the therapeutic radiologist may be identified by the appropriate procedure codes from Evaluation and Management, Medicine or Surgery sections.

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