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Radiology Procedure code list

Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedure code 70010-76499

Aorta and Arteries Procedure code 75600-75790

Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedure code 76506-76999

Radiation Oncology Procedure code 77261-77799

Clinical Treatment Planning Procedure code 77261-77299

Radiation Treatment Management Procedure code 77427-77499

Proton Beam Treatment Delivery Procedure code 77520-77523

Hyperthermia Procedure code 77600-77620

Clinical Brachytherapy Procedure code 77750-77799

Nuclear Medicine Procedure code 78000-78299

Musculoskeletal System Procedure code 78300-78399

Cardiovascular System Procedure code 78414-78499

CT and CTA's CPT Code 
CT abdomen and pelvis w/o contrast; renal stone 74176
CT abdomen and pelvis; with contrast i.e. enterography 74177
CT abdomen and pelvis; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 74178
CT abdomen w/o followed by contrast 74170
CT abdomen; w/o contrast 74150
CT abdomen; with contrast 74160
CT ablation renal radiofrequency 50592
CT cervical spine; w/o contrast 72125
CT cervical spine; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 72127
CT cervical spine; with contrast 72126
CT chest (thorax) w/o contrast followed by contrast 71270
CT chest (thorax) w/o contrast - high resolution - limited 71250
CT chest (thorax) with contrast, chest tube placement 71260
CT CTA Abdomen/Pelvis Panel 74174
CT CTA Abdomen/Pelvis Panel; two separate   orders/codes 71275, 74174 
CT CTA Chest/Abdomen Panel; two separate orders/codes 71275, 74175 
CT head or brain; w/o contrast, stroke protocol 70450
CT head or brain; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70470
CT head or brain; with contrast 70460
CT heart score 76380
CT heart; w/o contrast, calcium scoring 75571
CT lower extremity; w/o contrast 73700
CT lower extremity; w/o contrast followed by contrast 73702
CT lower extremity; with contrast 73701
CPT Code Tool 
CT lumbar spine; w/o contrast 72131
CT lumbar spine; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 72133
CT lumbar spine; with contrast 72132
CT maxillofacial area limited w/o contrast, sinus 70486
CT maxillofacial area; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70488
CT maxillofacial area; with contrast 70487
CT maxillofacial area; w/o contrast 70486
CT neck soft tissue w/o contrast 70490
CT neck soft tissue with contrast 70491
CT orbit; sella or posterior fossa; w/o contrast 70480
CT orbit; sella or posterior fossa; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70482
CT orbit; sella or posterior fossa; with contrast 70481
CT pelvis; w/o contrast 72192
CT pelvis; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 72194
CT pelvis; with contrast 72193
CT soft tissue neck; w/o contrast 70490
CT soft tissue neck; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70492
CT soft tissue neck; with contrast 70491
CT thoracic spine; w/o contrast 72128
CT thoracic spine; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 72130
CT thoracic spine; with contrast 72129
CT upper extremity; w/o contrast 73200
CT upper extremity; w/o contrast followed by contrast 73202
CT urogram 74178
CT upper extremity; with contrast 73201
CTA abdomen; w/o contrast followed by contrast and further sections 74175
CTA chest no coronary 71275
CPT Code Tool 
CTA head and neck (order separately) 70496, 70498 
CTA head; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70496
CTA heart coronary arteries and cardiac structure 75574
CTA lower extremity 73706
CTA neck; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 70498
CTA pelvis; w/o contrast followed by with contrast 72191
CTA runoff AAA bilateral lower extremity 75635
CTA upper extremity 73206

Interventional Radiology/Cardiology CPT Code 

Abscess Drain; peritoneal 49021
Abscess Drain; retroperitoneal 49061
Angiogram, renal, unilateral 36251
Angiogram, renal, bilateral 36252
Biopsy abdominal mass, percutaneous needle 49180
Biopsy liver, percutaneous needle 47000
Biopsy lung, percutaneous needle 32405
Biopsy renal, percutaneous needle or trocar 50200
Biopsy thyroid, percutaneous core needle 60100
Cardiac cath bilateral 93453
Cardiac cath left heart 93452
Cardiac cath right heart 93451
Cardioversion elective 9296
Carotid Cerebral 36223
Echo adult or pediatric complete 93306
Echo adult or pediatric limited 93308
Echo fetal, order three codes 76827, 76825 93325
Echo stress 93351
Echo transesophageal,  TEE 93318
Echo transthoracic ; congenital anomalies 93303
Echo transthoracic ; congenital anomalies follow-up 93304
Echo with doppler ;with bubbles or contrast 93306
EKG 12 lead 93005
EKG signal averaged 93278
Electrophysiology (EP) study with arrhythmia 93619
EP Study without arrhythmia 93620
EP ablation AV node 93650
EP ablation for SVT 93653
EP ablation for V-Tach 93654
EP Followup study, NIPS 93624
Event monitor external 93268
Event monitor implant 33282
Fluoro, lead check or valve 76000
Holter monitor up to 48 hours 93225
ICD insert or replacement with leads 33249
ICD insert replacement pulse generator only 33240
ICD non-invasive test (NIPS) 93642
Nephrostogram with needle; percutaneous 50390
Nephrostogram through tube or indwelling ureteral catheter 50394
Pacemaker insert new dual chamber with leads 33208
Pacemaker insert new single chamber with ventricular leads 33207
Pacemaker replace dual chamber pulse generator only 33213
Pacemaker replace single chamber pulse generator only 33212
Patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure 93580
Pericardiocentesis 33010Procainamide infusion 93623
Tilt table evaluation 93660
Shuntogram, graft or fistula 36147
Stress test 93017
Thrombolysis AV fistula 36870
Valvuloplasty, aortic 92986
Valvuloplasty,mitral 92987
Valvuloplasty, pulmonary 92990

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